I’m going to write something about you now.

As he stands there playing his electric guitar, I felt as if life couldn’t get any better than this. He was that “hard on the outside, soft and a definite surprise on the inside” kinda guy. For the first time ever, I felt I wasn’t woman enough for him, I feel that I could be a better, more driven person than I could ever be.
He makes me check my ego at the front door before I come in, which is a surprise even for me.
Passionate, hot tempered and definitely sensitive when you come in for a closer look. But that’s exactly what I want. He’s everything that I want and of course I predict a future that has me picking up the pieces of my heart from off the floor.
We never talk about it, we never discussed it. We simply fill in the time by enjoying each other’s company.
I have so much that I want to put into words but now I’m simply enjoying the fact that I’m the only audience he has now.


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Trouble comes in the form of you

Yes, you look like trouble from the first moment I saw you. The signs were all there, tall dark and handsome.

I never knew the meaning of lust when I saw you. But I knew I had to have you. You bring me more damage than I ever thought any human being would do. You make me doubt myself and lose trust in myself.

But when you left for a short while, I had to regain back the power that I lost. I knew that when you came back, and you did, I would be holding on to the reins. I would exert power even for a short while.

Mentally preparing myself for you, I’m scooping the cement and placing brick by brick around this heart.

Now that I’m done, I think its time for me to make my mistake.

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Something is happening. Something that makes life a little bit more interesting.

But somehow, I haven’t been able to lift my feet. Caution is still in the air.

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Lesson Learnt

I learnt something about men.

Never trust a man when he said that you’re beautiful.

A man is worth something if he pays attention to the smallest and what seemingly is a worthless detail about you.

Well, I haven’t met that man.

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Bedtime Stories

Sometimes, at night I lay in bed just thinking about you.

Not most night, just those nights where I find that I’m not burdened by work, burdened by real life.

You fooled me, and I blissfully acknowledged it now. I’m giving you my standing ovation.

Whatever I said to you in the past, I don’t take it back. But as I lay here thinking of the words I told you, I may have fooled you too.

No I don’t miss you
No you don’t make me happy
No you’re not the one I think about in the morning when I wake up and neither when I go to sleep

But I will remember you as that person who briefly stepped foot into my heart, but had no affect on it whatsoever.

So go on, go back to her. Go back to her with your lies.

I hope you have a good one.


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